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One of the most exciting parts of being a dancer, gymnast, or cheerleader is being part of a team and traveling for competitions, conventions, or performing at recital.  Whether this is your first year on a team or you are a pro we've gathered some tips and checklists to make your  experience the best it can be.


1. Be Prepared

Make sure you know the competition/convention rules and your studio's requirements.  Make a packing list at least one week before the competition/convention/recital and recheck it often to make sure you have everything you need!  It's also a great idea to check out information on the venue, hotel, and city of the competition especially if it is your first time.

2. Be Rested

Schedules can be hectic as well as unpredictable.  Make sure you schedule enough time in your travel plans to allow plenty of time for sleep and recovery so you can perform your best.

3. Be Confident 

YOU CAN DO THIS!  This is what you have been putting in countless hours at the studio for.  Rely on all that your teachers have taught you (they know what they're doing).  If you find that your nerves are getting out of control try some relaxation techniques to help you focus.  Take items with you that make you feel more comfortable like your favorite stuffed friend, a cozy pair of socks, or your favorite soundtrack!

4. Be A Good Sport

This is probably the best tip of all!  No matter where you place in a competition, maintain your inner beauty by demonstrating good sportsmanship.  Judges, parents, and other dancers will notice how you carry yourself and how you treat others.  Always be on time!  Your parents, teachers, and the competition staff will appreciate it!  Take time to notice other dancers.  Compliment them on their costumes or performances.  Who knows - you might just make a lot of new friends.  Having a positive attitude will rub off on others and helps relieve stress.

Check out these other great websites for extra tips:

Tututix - 

This page has a wealth of information!

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Awesome ideas!

Dance Spirit Magazine - 

Have cometition fears?  This article discusses common fears and how to overcome them!


One of the best ways to stay organized for any competition is with checklists.  We've gathered some of our favorites to share with you.

Covet Dance

This really is the ultimate checklist!  You can even download their app which includes and interactive version of several checklists.

TuTu Tix - 

Fun list that includes ideas for team support.

On Your Toes
Free Download 
Dance Convention Checklist

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